Benefits to Customers

Lower Interest Rates

Every customers' financial situation, past and present, is unique. EPIC has built a lender network that caters to all financial and credit situations allowing us to evaluate each application individually and forward it to the lender that best fits the customer. Our network of prime lenders offers highly competitive rates, while our network of higher risk lenders offer higher rates but provide features that rebuild tarnished credit scores allowing the customer the opportunity to re-finance in the future with a prime lender. EPIC's lender network also approves customers with no credit history or who are new to the country.

Loan Structure

EPIC Dealer Solutions Ltd. and its lending network only provide financing options that are open-ended. Meaning that, at any time throughout the term, the loan can be paid in full without penalty.

EPIC Dealer Solutions Ltd. and its lending network will NOT offer financing options that contain a balloon payment as the final payment.

Credit Impact

EPIC acts as a gateway to its lending network. EPIC performs a credit check, gathers the required information, and analyses the application before forwarding it to the appropriate lender for approval. This avoids the "shopping out" effect of having all potential lenders pulling their own credit reports which can result in a lowered credit score due to muliple inquiries.

Low Fees

EPIC strives to have the most competitive fee structures in the Industry.


EPIC Dealer Solutions Ltd. is dedicated to protecting the customers’ privacy and safeguarding all personal, business, and financial information. EPIC complies with all Federal and Provincial laws and all of our financial lenders and service providers are required to enter into a privacy protection agreement with EPIC to ensure your customers’ information is protected.

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EPIC is a proud member of the
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   Epic Dealer Solutions Ltd. is a BBB Accredited Financial Service in Winnipeg, MB