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Why was EPIC Dealer Solutions Ltd created?

EPIC Dealer Solutions Ltd. was originally created to bridge the financing gap between the independent dealerships and the franchise dealerships. Many independent dealerships had difficulty securing financing options for their customers' intended purchase due to lender inventory or volume requirements. In many cases, even with financing options available, many of their vehicles or customers did not meet the requirements.

Today, EPIC Dealer Solutions Ltd. provides it services to all levels of dealerships, new and used, in the automotive and recreational industries.


EPIC’s Solution

EPIC Dealer Solutions Ltd. has developed a network of lending institutions that cater to all levels of consumer credit circumstances. EPIC receives and processes each application on an individual basis and submits it to the most appropriate lender for approval based on that customers specific financial situation.

Benefit to the Customer - EPIC gathers the required information, pulls a credit report, and sends the application only to the lender that best fits the situation ensuring the most competitive rate and reducing the effect of multiple credit checks on the customers credit score.

Benefits to the Dealership - EPIC's process is quick, easy, and provides your customer with competitive rates for their situation resulting in a pleasant experience for your customer that leads to repeat and referral business.

In addition, the loan documents are signed at the dealership so the customer can drive their new vehicle off the lot immediately after the signing is complete.

EPIC Dealer Solutions Ltd. is not affiliated with any dealership and does not hold inventory for sale to the public. EPC's sole purpose is to find the best financing options available for your customers purchase.


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EPIC is a proud member of the
Manitoba Used Car Dealer
Association (MUCDA)

   Epic Dealer Solutions Ltd. is a BBB Accredited Financial Service in Winnipeg, MB